5 Tips to Follow After an Auto Accident

When a person is injured in an auto accident, they must take certain steps to protect their rights and get an appropriate amount of compensation. When victims behave proactively after an accident, it makes a substantial difference in the outcome of a personal injury or auto insurance claim. Read on to learn what to do if you’ve been in an accident.

Notify the Authorities

After a traffic collision, call the police immediately; if anyone is seriously injured, call 911. The dispatcher will send personnel who can treat injuries on the scene. Once the police arrive, they will investigate the accident and possibly issue a citation to the at-fault party. After leaving, the police will file a report on the incident.

Gather Important Information

No one expects to be hurt in an auto accident, and many are confused or disoriented immediately afterward. Later, it might be hard to remember the names of those involved, as well as other relevant details. If possible, victims should gather information at the scene. Ask witnesses for their contact information and take down other drivers’ registration data. Finally, take pictures of the location and any property damage, as they may be useful when filing an injury or insurance claim.

Seek Medical Care

After an auto accident, a victim may be taken to the hospital for further treatment. It’s important to furnish insurance information as soon as possible. Before leaving the hospital, a victim should ask for copies of their medical records, such as x-rays, CT scan and MRI results, and doctors’ notes. This information is valuable to future providers and it can form the basis of a personal injury claim.

Notify the Insurer

After the victim’s injuries are stabilized, they should notify their insurer and that of the responsible party. As quickly as possible, call the insurers or file a report online. Although it’s very likely that the responsible party has already made a report, the victim must still do the same.

Get Legal Help

If the prospect of working with an insurance company seems overwhelming, a local auto accident lawyer will provide the help and advice needed to build a strong case. Visit the site for more information or call today to request a consultation.

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